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Flavor Bases

At the heart of our offerings lies the commitment to great taste

Explore our extensive catalog featuring pharmaceutical and nutraceutical-grade flavor bases. We consistently conduct palatability testing with pets to ensure our flavors are irresistibly delightful. Our #1 product: Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125, stands out as one of the most palatable flavor bases ever developed. Its great taste and 5-year stability have made it a market favorite, featured in over 30 drug formulations.

Pharmaceutical Flavor Bases

Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125

Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0130

Natural Liver Powdered Flavor; PC-0150

Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170 (Hypo-Allergenic)

Sweet Apple and Molasses Flavor; PC-0655

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Nutraceutical Flavor Bases

We have a variety of Nutraceutical Flavors. Please contact us to find out more.

Stand out from the crowd

Custom Flavors

Ultimately, the taste of the products is paramount; without it, nothing else matters. We offer a catalog of flavor bases, suitable for both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications. Our ongoing efforts include regular palatability testing with pets owned by local pet owners to ensure our flavors are exceptionally enjoyable. Prefer a custom flavor formulated with your needs specifically in mind? Contact our team to find out how Pet Flavors can help develop your custom flavor base.
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R&D Flavors

Learn more about our
Research and Development

Flavor research and development is a fascinating field that combines chemistry, sensory science, and innovation to create new and improved flavors for animal pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

The field of flavor R&D is ever-evolving. The goal is always to create flavors that are not only delicious and innovative, but also consistent, safe, and scalable for production.



The foundation of flavor research involves identifying and quantifying the chemical components that contribute to flavor

Sensory Analysis

Animal palatability screening assess the aroma and taste profiles of flavors


Flavor Profiling

It starts with understanding the desired flavor profile, which could be a natural animal protein, a natural fruit, or a novel concept like plant-based proteins

Creation and Optimization

Formulation can combine different aroma chemicals and taste substances to replicate or create new flavors. This involves a lot of customization and fine-tuning with our customers

Stability Testing

Created flavors are tested for stability under ambient conditions

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that all flavor ingredients meet safety standards and regulatory requirements including USDA, FDA, EU, etc.



Advanced pharmaceutical equipment including tablet presses, soft chew extrusion, spray-drying, mills, dissolution testing and blenders allow real-time formulation development for our customers

Sensory Research

In-house palatability studies and controlled environments for accurate sensory evaluation

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