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With a focus on quality and precision, we’re your trusted partner, revolutionizing pet pharmaceuticals for remarkable palatability in dogs, cats, and horses.

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The #1 Developer & Manufacturer of Companion Animal Pharmaceutical Flavor Bases

Pet Flavors stands as a premier producer of high-quality flavoring agents. We are a global leader, specializing in crafting top-tier flavor bases for dogs, cats, and horses in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.  Our dedicated research with natural flavoring agents has resulted in the creation of the most palatable companion animal health products, distributed worldwide in regions including the USA, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, and South America. Trust us to leverage our extensive experience for a seamless drug development process.
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High Quality

Manufacture high quality, pharmaceutical grade flavor bases

Custom Flavors & Formulation Assistance

Over 30 years of formulation experience available to assist in product development

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Consistent and reliable supply

Flavor Base Palatability

Palatability is a term that refers to how attractive a medication is. In terms of the companion animal health products market, palatability references how likely a companion animal will voluntarily ingest medication without the need for coaxing, force, or mixing it with food.

The idea of developing palatable medications for pets is no different than when we consider making human medications more palatable: it’s a matter of working with several important sensory elements until you find the perfect balance.

The key sensory elements of palatability are: 

  • Taste
  • Odor
  • Appearance
  • Texture

Quality Assurance at Every Step

USDA Inspected Facilities

FDA and EU Compliance Observance

Independent USDA Approved Testing

Human Food Grade Ingredients

Full Documentation Package

Long-Standing Vendor Relationships

Shelf Stability

Open to Onsite Audits

All Flavors Created and Sourced in the USA

Why Choose Us

Medication with Custom Flavor Development!

Elevate pet pharmaceuticals to a new level of palatability with Pet Flavors’ custom formulations. Our groundbreaking service is designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products for companion animals. We have scientists on staff to consult with all areas of formulation development.

Enhanced Medication Compliance

Meticulously crafted flavors ease pet medication acceptance, easing dosing for owners and pets.

Collaborate with Flavor Experts

Experienced R&D flavor specialists balance pharmaceutical efficacy and flavor enhancement.

Stringent Quality Standards

Our flavors meet top pharmaceutical standards, crafted in a USDA-approved facility.

Versatile Flavor Profiles

Formulate diverse flavors enticing pets to consume while meeting medicinal needs.

Enhance your brand

Collaborating with Pet Flavors could help protect intellectual property via new custom flavors, supported by market experts.

*Based on published FDA FOI documents and/or published palatability data for veterinary pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products in final formulation.  

**Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125 has a proven stability of 5+ years.  Data available upon request.

Take your palatability to the next level.