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What Is Palatant?

Palatants are ingredients added to food, medicine, or supplements that increase the palatability of that product.

Pet owners experience unparalleled joy when their pets eagerly anticipate mealtime, signaling their enjoyment of flavorful food packed with essential nutrients. However, administering medication or supplements often transforms this joy into frustration, with pets resisting or fleeing. Palatability enhancers, infused with enticing flavors like pork or chicken, offer a solution by making medications and supplements more appealing to pets, ensuring they willingly consume what they need for their health. At Pet Flavors, we specialize in collaborating with product developers and manufacturers to incorporate these enhancements, recognizing the profound impact they have on the well-being of beloved pets and their caregivers. For assistance with pet medications, we encourage owners to consult their veterinarians to ensure optimal health and happiness for their furry companions.
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More About Palatability

What is Palatability

Palatability is the level of preference an animal has for a particular item. Palatability is influenced by the sensory properties such as: Taste, Smell, Texture, Sound, Sight, Moisture content, Hardness, Crunchiness, and Chewy.

What are the Effects of Palatability?

The impact of palatability can be observed through various effects. 

A comprehensive analysis of laboratory studies has consistently demonstrated that increased palatability leads to higher consumption and compliance.

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Why is Palatability Important When Offering Animals Medication?

Pharmaceutical companies have learned that when medication is ‘palatable’ there is an increase in compliance and an increase in treatment success while ensuring pets take their medicine.


Over 30 canine-palatable products have used Pet Flavors' flavor bases to elevate the taste and desirability of the product. Our palatability rates range up to 95% in final dosage forms with free choice acceptance from dogs of all breeds and weights. Our tasty flavor bases can be added to many canine pharmaceutical or nutritional palatable products, including chewable tablets, palatable granules/powders, and semi-solids like gels, pastes, and creams.


Pet Flavors' flavor bases have been successfully used for feline products. The overall product palatability for these products ranges up to 90% in final dosage forms with free choice acceptance from cats of all breeds and weights. It’s easy to make your medication cat-approved with the help of one of our desirable flavor bases.


Our flavor bases have also been successfully used for equine products. Our equine-specific flavor is Sweet Apple & Molasses Flavor, with a palatability rating up to 97% in final dosage forms with free choice acceptance from horses of all breeds and weights. This flavor can be formulated into many equine pharmaceutical or nutritional equine palatable products, including granules/powders and semi-solids (gels, pastes, and creams).

Palatability Testing

Pet Flavors has been conducting palatability trials with our current line of flavor bases. A few of the most notable studies we have conducted thus far include:  
Current Portfolio Study

Tested the palatability of our current portfolio of products (5 Flavor Bases) / 124  dogs / Q4-2022

Hypoallergenic Study

Tested the palatability of our Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170 vs alternative hypoallergenic flavor bases / 192 dogs / Q2 2023 

Stability Palatability Study

Tested the palatability of our manufactured Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125 and our Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170 vs these same products beyond their expiration dates / 162 dogs / Q3 2023

Final Dosage Form vs Raw Materials Study

Tested the palatability of flavor bases in their final dosage form vs their raw material form using the Phycox brand of products vs Artificial Powdered Beef Flavor; PC-0125, Natural Liver Powdered Flavor; PC-0150 and Artificial Powdered Meat Flavor; PC-0170 (Hypo-Allergenic) / 178 dogs / Q3-2023

Canine Palatability Study w/ New Flavors

Testing the palatability of our custom flavors for our pharmaceutical animal health customers

      150 dogs / Q4 – 2023

      150 dogs / Q1 – 2024

      150 dogs / Q2 – 2024

Feline Palatability Study

Testing the palatability of our current portfolio. as well as newly formulated & custom flavors for felines

      149 cats / Q1 – 2024

      150 cats / Q2 – 2024

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