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Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0030

Flavor Choice

Natural Chicken Powdered Flavor; PC-0030 is the flavor choice for use in nutraceutical canine and feline palatable dosage forms.

Dosage Form

Chewable Tablets, Direct Compression, Wet Granulation, Roller Compaction, Soft Chews, Palatable Granules/Powders, Gels, Pastes, Creams

Shelf Life

3 Years

Package Size

20.0 kg net weight drum

Sample Documents

Nutraceutical flavor bases are not available in all markets. Please contact PF for additional information.

Sample Formulations
Prefer a custom flavor formulated with your needs specifically in mind or have formulation questions and concerns? Contact our team to find out how Pet Flavors can help.
Our role is to integrate our proven flavoring agents into the development of new animal pharmaceuticals and prospective drug products. In collaboration with drug sponsors, we aim to design flavor-enhanced drug candidates that meet the stringent regulatory approval criteria.

Who We Work With

Research & Development Teams

Formulation scientists

Animal Drug Developers

Marketing Teams

Manufacturing & Quality

Sourcing & Procurement

Product Development and Portfolio Management Teams

CDMOs and CMOs


Ready to go to Market?

Choosing PF LLC means partnering with a seasoned, reliable, and quality-focused flavor base provider. We invite you to reach out to us. Let’s discuss how our premium flavor bases can elevate the acceptability of pharmaceutical drugs and nutraceutical supplements for companion animals, reinforcing your products’ effectiveness by ensuring that pets are more compliant. Trust PF LLC – because when it comes to flavor, we are in a class of our own.

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